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Specialty Courts Assignment | law homework help

Specialty Courts Assignment

law homework help

For this assignment, please submit a report that considers the following questions (and more if
you find something relevant).
Part A) Explain the role of specialty courts
 Explain the history of specialty courts.
 Why do these courts function?
 What are the advantages and disadvantages of specialty courts?
*This section can be specific to the type of specialty court your chose, or broad in discussing
specialty courts in general.
Part B) Analysis of the TYPE of specialty court (e.g., drug, veterans, etc.)
 What are the goals of this court?
 Why is it important to look at this population or issue separately?
 Explain how this court typically functions.
 Explain the history of this court system.
 Is there an eligibility criterion for this court? If so, what is it?
 Has this type of court been evaluated, if so, what are the conclusions? 

DUE: 4/29/2019     Budget: $25.00
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