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fallacious reasoning

fallacious reasoning

sociology homework

Assignment #1

Click link to read Mark Twain's essay "The Late Benjamin Franklin"

Resource: Twain, M. (1983). THE LATE BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. Saturday Evening Post, 255(2), 18-93. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database.

In a 1-page essay, provide an analysis that identifies fallacious reasoning in the story and explain why.


Part One: the first part of your presentation objective

Identify two television commercials that each uses a different logical fallacy to persuade consumers. You must provide a link to video of the commercial.

For each commercial

 Quickly summarize the commercial. What is happening and what is the commercial specifically convincing the audience to think? Identify the logical fallacy used in the commercial and support your choice with details from the commercial.  Present your findings in an essay of two pages minimum.

DUE: 2/21/2019     Budget: $25.00
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