Accounting 315: project 2020
Scope: This project is designed to provide you an opportunity to apply, in a combined manner, the concepts that were covered in this course as it relates to the scenario provided below. You are to analyze the provided facts and develop a plan that addresses relevant issues that apply to a WFH business environment that is being created during the COVID-19 pandemic. Facts: Your company does not have any remote work employees at this time. Your company does not employ any technical tools (software or hardware) that would facilitate a remote work environment. As a result of government mandate and for safety reasons, your company must now develop a plan that will quickly transition your administrative staff to a WFH environment that does not interrupt your business processes and continues to provide quality service to both your internal business partners and your external partners (customer and suppliers). You should consider the following areas and submit a summary written plan from a management perspective. Areas of Concern: • Internal Controls & Transaction processing -Revenue Cycle -Expenditure Cycle • IT Controls - Access - Confidentiality - Privacy • Software & Hardware - Remote Software (How will we access our systems?) - Communication Software (email, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc.) - Do we need hardware? • Documentation & Training - How are you going to transition employees? (training, etc.) - What do you need to communicate to customers, suppliers, etc. Required: Provide a summary written plan that addresses the four areas above. You should devote a minimum of 1 page to each area resulting in a 4 page minimum to complete the project. This needs to be a typed report that is professionally prepared.