Describe the organizational structure of ABCO Corporation

Candace always tried to do the right thing, but did not know what to do in this dilemma. She knew someone would get hurt. All because of an overzealous supervisor, she thought sadly. Two years ago Candace took a job at ABCO Corporation in its public relations division. Although new to the corporate world, Candace quickly learned the ropes of the highly bureaucratic organization and excelled at many of her projects. As a result, her bosses assigned her more lucrative responsibilities. The only downside to the job Candace could see was many people appeared to be promoted based more upon their relationships with their superiors than their merit. While Candace knew her work was excellent, she could not help but wonder whether her friendly repertoire with her immediate supervisors had anything to do with her success so far.

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  1. Describe the organizational structure of ABCO Corporation.
  2. Which type of leadership power is Britney using? Do you feel it is effective in this situation?
  3. Does Candace have any other alternatives than the two that she is considering?



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