War of the World broadcast
Listen to the broadcast ”War of the world” 3. Did it follow the basic Freytag's pyramid structure? Explain by pointing out the rising action (if any), climax (if any), and falling action (if any) in the radio show. 4. After hearing the broadcast, does the reaction you learned about in #1 make sense to you? Why or why not? 5. What does the reaction you learned about in #1 tell you about how people may react in times of tragedy? 6. Do you think that people would react the same way today if such a program were aired? Why or why not? 7. Do you think that people today would react similarly if it were done on television instead of on radio? Explain. 8. Do you think that technological advances also affect the fears we have as a society? Explain. 9. Did you find the format effective for telling the story? Why or why not? 10. What did you think of the radio broadcast overall? Did you enjoy it?



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