Separation of Components of a Mixture

Lab 3

Separation of Components of a Mixture

In this experiment, three different substances in a mixture will be separated using various separation techniques. The substances are ammonium chloride (NH4Cl), sodium chloride (NaCl), and silicon dioxide (Si02). The first technique called sublimation will be used to remove the ammonium chloride from the mixture. The ammonium chloride solid will be changed in its vapor leaving between the sand and salt. Extraction and decantation will be used to separate the NaCI and sand. Extraction with water will dissolve the soluble NaCl, leaving behind the insoluble sand. Decantation will then be used to separate the salt water and sand. The percentage of each component will then be determined. Ideally, the percentages at the end of the experiment should add up to 100 percent.


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